Volume Two Is on the Way!

I know, I know, I’ve been promising it for a long time. But! The updated version of Roller Derby for Beginners will be available soon! You’ll like it — I’ve updated the information for new times, and added a section for gender-nonconforming skaters. AS SUCH, the book is not currently available for purchase. Just wait, and it’ll be back better than ever very soon.

Thank you for all your support!



One thought on “Volume Two Is on the Way!

  1. Ellen

    Hi, I really love Roller Derby for Beginners. Nice clear writing and perfect length. Am glad to hear a new edition is in the works. I think the only thing lacking in the first is pictures. My daughter is the derby girl– she’s 12. Pictures would help. I found your blog by googling your book. Your explanations and intro to derby are so good, I was hoping to find more, but with pictures. Video would also be good, if you’re looking for ways to expand…


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