Looking for roller derby documentaries? Plenty have been made, and more all the time, as interest in the sport and the culture develop. Am I missing something really cool? Drop a line! frisky.sour @ gmail

Blood on the Flat Track
Early years of the Rat City Roller Girls.

Brutal Beauty
My personal favorite, but I’m biased. This movie follows several Rose City skaters through the 2009 home and travel season. (I’m not in this – I was filmed for it when I was on Fresh Meat, but they took a LOT of footage.)

Derby, Baby!
Oh, just general roller derby stuff.

Derby Crazy Love
“A hell of a lot better than I was expecting.” – 04 Fox Sake

Hell on Wheels
Documents the beginning of the modern roller derby movement in Austin, Texas, starting in 2001.

Not a documentary, but a reality show, so some of it is more “realistic” than “real.” More early Texas roller derby in the early 2000’s, with plenty of shenanigans.

Skater 26
Follows a skater for BAD. No interviews. Just action.

Runaway Brides v. Bombshells