Writer guidelines

Want to write for this site?

Frisky accepts pitches for posts that will help new roller derby skaters. “New skater” is defined here as anyone who might be thinking about starting roller derby, to people in their first year who are starting to bout.

The following could work well with the right idea behind it:

  • Health and wellness
  • Nutrition
  • Gear
  • Mental game
  • Rules and gameplay
  • Crosstraining
  • Roller derby culture

Personal essays, like “this is how I felt about that time my team won the big game” can work if they’re extremely well-written (enough that it would work for a non-derby site) or if other skaters can see themselves in it. Your feelings are valid and important, but please have a point.

WTF is a pitch?
That’s where you write me an email to tell me your idea for a post, how you’d approach it, and why you’re the best person to write it. If this process scares you, don’t worry! I’m not scary! I might reject your pitch, but I’ll help you along, especially if you’re new to writing and want to work with other publications in the future.

Oh no, you might say no!
I might! That’s okay! We can still be friends. And you can pitch again. If you want feedback, let me know.

You don’t pay, do you?
I DO. I pay $50 a post. Part of the point of this site is so I can funnel money back into the roller derby community, so you are welcome.

I’m not good with the grammar and all, but I have some ideas. Can I write for you?
There are two important parts of writing: idea and expression. If you have something smart to say, and you can express it in a way that people will understand, I want to work with you. Small grammatical details, spelling, etc., aren’t a problem. I’ll edit you. But if your thoughts aren’t clear, or if it’s going to take several editing sessions to get it to a usable state, I won’t be able to use your piece.

Do I have to pitch?
You can send a piece on spec–meaning that it’s pretty much done on your part–and I’ll take a look at it. Of course, I might say no, and you’d be out the time that you spent on it.

How do I contact you?
frisky.sour at gmail. I’m looking forward to it.