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“Roller Derby for Beginners is a book every aspiring derby girl or boy should read.” – Nicole Zeckner, Pure Geekery 

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Roller Derby for Beginners is the must-read roller derby book for anyone who wants to play: how to pick a league, choose gear, and get started skating. Then, once you get started, it answers a few of those gazillion questions that pop up in that first year–at least as many as any book can.

3/19/2019: Yo, Roller Derby for Beginners is not currently available online. Maybe soon!

Other people like Roller Derby for Beginners, too!

This succinct and helpful guide to dipping your toes into the bruise-covered sport of derby is a delightful read—humorous, thoughtful, and encouraging. – Portland Mercury

Frisky’s book is shock full of helpful information that any newbie – or  seasoned! – skater needs when first starting out. I wish I had had something  like this when I started skating. – Amazon review

Not only informative but entertaining…Fresh meat and newly rostered skaters will find a treasure trove of great advice and information that will help them pass their minimum skills, stay in shape or get in shape and how to prepare for their first scrimmage or bout. –Goodreads review

Believe me. If I could do it, you can do it, too. No matter your body type, gender, you can do this. It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete or a weekend Netflixer. You can play roller derby if you’re willing to put your heart and skates into it.

Roller Derby for Beginners is for you if you are:

  • Thinking about playing roller derby, but want to know what you’re getting yourself into
  • New to roller derby and feeling overwhelmed
  • New to roller derby and want to LEARN ALL THE THINGS BECAUSE YOU ARE SO EXCITED
  • Wondering if everyone is having the same trouble with skills as you are
  • Haven’t passed your minimum skills, and are feeling frustrated

This roller derby book is specially written for new and new-ish skaters who are finding their bearings in roller derby, and need or want a little hand-holding couple skate time while you figure it all out. It’s about the journey, and having fun, and getting better, and working hard (but not working TOO hard), and staying healthy, and friends, and after parties, and all sorts of fun and hard and interesting things.

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