About the author

Oh, little old me?

I’m Frisky Sour, and I wrote a book called Roller Derby for Beginners. Now, I’m the so-called brains behind the Roller Derby for Beginners site.

I started playing roller derby in very late 2007 with Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby in Bloomington, Indiana. I was very, very bad at it, but they taught me how to skate. In early 2009, having moved back home to Portland, Oregon, I started skating with the Rose City Rollers: first as a Wrecker, then Fresh Meat, a Break Neck Bettie, and once in awhile, as a member of the B-Team Axles of Annihilation. More importantly, I got to coach Fresh Meat.

When I retired from skating in 2012, I actually had time to write this book to help new skaters, and people who might be thinking about skating, but wanted to know what they were getting into.

These days, I’m a freelance writer, food blogger, and I edit this site in hopes that I’ll be able to keep paying people to write awesome blog posts about roller derby.


I also love manatees.